Sunday, March 17, 2019

Progressive assessment and evaluation of early children and primary schooling


Thursday, March 07, 2019

Happy Women Rights Day 8 March 2019

These are an invaluable art from a girl!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Weekly Reflection 8

Friday February 8                                  Weekly Reflection 
Things we did or learned this week :

 - Continued “ Skills for Success” where students work on math skills at their level then take a small skills quiz to prove they understand the concept. Then they move up to the next harder skill to practice and quiz. For students that can prove they have mastery of grade three level skills ( adding and subtracting to three digits with regrouping ) they can move beyond into multiplying and dividing skills.
  • Played various puzzles and games and used chopsticks to pick up objects for counting collections as a way to celebrate Chinese New Year and build our numeracy skills.
  • Did an All the facts and a How Many Ways, and Which One Doesn't Belong,plus I-pad games for math and coding.
  • We continued with our Literacy routines of Word Work , Journals, and Literacy Centers activities while introducing a new way of organizing our Literacy time , called '' Daily 5 ''. We are practicing increasing our reading stamina ( sitting and reading a book by ourselves for longer and longer while asking ourselves ''Who and What'' to monitor comprehension ).
  • Read the legends of Owl,Bear, and Raven.
  • Our student teacher , Ms. Henderson read us a story,'' The Word Collector'' and we compared that story to ,''The Boy Who Loves Words''. We then chose words to define and hand on our own word line.
  • Practiced and performed a Reader's Theatre to build our fluency skills.
  • Chose to read either a Currents for Kids article or Jenna White Mysterys to practice our comprehension skills.
  • Reviewed vocabulary for Science, watched a video about convection,conduction and radiation.
  • Watched a video about Chinese New Year customs and practied writing keyword notes.
  • Reviews the main parts of culture and read story called,'' Milo and the Mysterious island'' in which mice venture to another culture and how to react to others. We then looked for evidence of culture in the story.
  • Practiced our balance and tumbling skills in gym with our ,'' Parkour /Gymnastics''.
  • Kept researching for our Genius Hour projects.
  • We helped our little buddies celebrate 100 Day with counting 100 objects and grouping them.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Friday Jan,18   Weekly Reflection                       
  - Played math games ( Differenceand War    and I wish I had ) to help us increase our subtraction fact fluency.   
- Begin a new math routine called ,"Skills for Success"where students  work on math skills at their level then take a small skills quiz to prove they understand the concept.  Then they move up to the next harder skill    to practice and quiz.For students that can be  they haved mastered of grade three level skills  ( adding subtracting  to 3 digits with regrouping )they can move beyond into multiplying and dividing skills.
- Practice applying our problem-solving skills with, " hot chocolate"related math problems. We continued to look for clues words and find the best strategy to help solve the problem( make an organization list,  guess and check, etc. )
- We continued with our Literacy routines of Word work ,Journals and Literacy Center activities .
- Read the Mystery of the Rainforest, where we continued to practice our close reading skills and tried to solve the mystery .
- Begin reading Magic Tree House Adventure ,Buffaloes Before Breakfast as a read  aloud . We are looking for clues as we read and are practicing our good reading strategies ( visualizing,questioning, connecting, inferring, predicting, summarising ). The book ties in with our Social studies learning about First Nations  culture. We are picturing what life was like and how people met their basic needs and wants 200 hundred years ago.
- Played games in the Gym and participated in the school-wide fitness Friday as our on fitness Friday .