Monday, September 18, 2006

Global Flow: the truth of impermenant waves

The Truth of Impermanent Wave

I have learned a lot today about the “FLOWS” which signifies the reality of world’s movement. FLOWS can mean Flexible Leadership Oath of World Survival. In the context is eloquently delivered by our professor to digest the interconnected of our spider-net world. This flow mainly focuses on Capital, Information and People.

Capital flow refers to the flow of investment and saving inter-partnering between different continents. Now Capital Flow attracts the economic researchers, geopolitics experts and the trend of militarism. The flowing is specifically between USA and Asia Pacific. Some have considered this as the intention of USA to strengthen power through the militia investment. Japan, Korea, China and South East Asian are the main partnership of investment with USA. Presently, researchers found that USA has current account deficit because of their investment more than saving. USA seems prioritize in military investment which we always wonder this is a poor investment or smart one? However, this is the flow of interconnection between Asia Pacific and USA. And this money flow leads to the global flow. It mobilizes continually in every mana of individuals around the world.

Second is about the advancement of information. The world is becoming smaller and smaller by the modern technology of information. Telephone, television, radio, mail service and internet have transferred ideas, relationship and products faster and broader. Through these tools activates economic flow more sufficient than any other period. New imperialism emerges quickly in every corner of the world, especial the Pacific Region. Television and internet drives the generation X with more complications. And the influential tendency of the future, information will create our world as unique as one world, one model of product, one culture and one home. Everybody can experience with one model of suit, speak only one language and live together like a family. This information flow shall gather all flowers and rubbishes to put in one gathering space.

Third is the flow of people. Migration has moved from place to place. Tourism industry is promoting and attracting huge people to travel from place to place increasingly. The student exchanges program which enables the sustainable change of the region as well as the world; and this exchange makes our young leaders understand the flow and create the idea of third culture.

Consequences of Flow
The reality is the changing which emerges with different shapes depending on causes and effects. In politics, government is trying to modernize their domestic policy through democracy, decentralization and state of law in which this new approach can reduce corruption and instability. This new change, government officers seem to have greedier than before because of the new innovative products stunning. In economic, it is hard to equalize saving and investment. Some countries have saving more than investing; some have saving less than investing. If saving rate is higher possibly becomes over accumulation. In urban development place has resulted the eviction of low class people creating injustice and division in the country; or some greenery sites and ancient places have been bothered. The infrastructure development can impact the environment. Many places and cities are polluted and overbuilding. If we look at the population, the demography is not in balance, aging people can be more or youth bulge has increased.

Solution of Flow
Everything is not late if we are mindful with it. Scholars have adopted the solution idea to be called FS which means Flexible Specialization. This FS can deal with Unstable Globalization. Sometime they have called it Paradoxymoron which can be mean reacting immediately to all negative flows. These three components, we have to consider and apprehend are international flows, national flows and individual flows.

As I am writing this article, I have set up my personal formulation to face with these new flows, which is called FLOWS means:
- F represents Flexibility which means we have to be adaptable and not out of date.
- L represents Leadership which requires high standard capacity of front runner.
- O represents Oath which means willingness, commitment and persistency.
- W represents World or glob which is round, rotating, gravitating and moving.
- S represents Service which individuals have to be aware and responsible in nurturing our world together. Individuals have to develop their servant leadership capacity.

As we are all aware our world is changing and moving forward. Nobody can stop it moving, we have capacity only to help it move in the right trail avoiding from falling into a cliff. This moving is under the rule of original interdependence in which everybody shall face and experience it.
September 15, 2006
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