Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dream Society

Dream Society
The future lesson lectured by Jim Daytor inspired me very much. I got a deep sense of becoming futurist. Of course, future is not the coming thing which we can predict it. But they might forecast or assume it in a certain way under the concurrent continuity in the present. This empirical investigation modifies our future dream society. Jim selected five factors as the shaper of our future. They are biology, environment, culture, technology and human actions. I got reasonable explanation that our evolutionary from a simple being to be a complex being can shape our society, climate or surrounding changes can shape our society, modern tools and its popularity can shape our society, and various results of human actions can shape our society. He said technology is the most important drive in shaping society and human actions are less important.

In this matter, I absolutely disagree with him although this theory is alternative. In those five factors, I think human actions are the most important cause in shaping our future society. Biology and environment are just the natural sources to be occurred following its conditions or causes and effects. And culture and technology are genuinely created by human actions. So, human actions considered the most important factor. However, human actions can not happen if we don’t have mind to command it. There are three essential components in our body constituting of mind, speech and action. Our mind is the original of speech, and through speech leading us to do actions. Mind is the original of all things; it is the master, the leader and the creator. The ancient proverb said that “by mind the world is led, by mind the world is moved, and all good and bad things exist in the world because of mind”. Saying about mind is not religious belief or faith interpretation. Mind is psychological and scientific accepting as a truth or reality.

Furthermore, as Futurism starts its preamble by stressing on the questions that: Who you are? Where and what you belong to? And what is real? These questions truly assure the important of the self center or individual center that is the most necessary part of picturing future. When we say about self, it is certainly constitute of mind, speech and body. Mind facilitates us to think, to project, to envision and to paint our dreaming future etc. Speech coordinates us to communicate, to uplift capacity and to bond human society etc. Body reflects to the mind and speech through practicing and make things concretely appeared. The appearances in which we can see through our eyes to the beauty of this world surely are the consequences of our actions. In conclusion, dream society originates from individual’s mind. Through this understanding and the developing of the mind, future leaders can create a very beautiful dream society.

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