Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Opinion: two different types of our world religion

If we talk about religion in this world, we should divide into two main groups: the religion that believe in external power and religion that believe in internal power.

All theistic religions are truly believing in superstition or external power, and their bliss is essentially coming from praying. There are two theisms: monotheism that believe in one God or we can say one most extreme way that deny all other existences. But they are extremely praying for one creator or may be dictator. They are Christian, Muslim and Jews. Pantheon theism that is not extreme because they still believe in many faces of Gods and creators. They are Hinduism or may be Buddhism (different concept).

Among those theistic religions, we can notice that Christian has stepped far beyond spiritual and religious development because it is built by strong organizations with huge of money and assets. You can see recent Catholic priest pedophile in USA that can afford to pay fine of children molester up to billions dollars....so we might assume that the tactic of Christian organization has intimidated the security and multicultural society in our modern world. We can say that because it is just a new facade differentiating from crusade or religious war era.

Look at second type of religion, the religion that believes in internal power. Bad or good, sin or saint depends on individuals and personal intention to act out. It is called Kammic action. This is true that one do sin one must take in charge of that action, no other super being or God can redeem or take in charge that sin. This religion might be Buddhism that stands very strong in its essence and truth.

It is good for Cambodia that Buddhism has become state religion. This existing doesn't intimidate other faith or way of worshipers because Buddhism is not extreme in its monotheism or believing in one god. And it is well-known for its tolerance, compassion and non-violence.

All the Best
Bhikkhu Vodano Sophan

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