Friday, December 10, 2010

Responsibility According to Buddha's Teachings

After reading online article of "Neatee Koun Khmer" posted in, I would like to write something about how Buddha's teachings should be applied to the term "responsibility" as the discussion moderator, Koun Khmer, has focused on this week. Further more, the responsibility being discussed in the forum linked to the disaster occurred on Koh Pich during the Water Festival of Cambodia on the 22th of November, 2010.

Buddhism has been well-known for its rational explanation of all phenomena. And the core teaching of Lord Buddha substantially rests on the Four Noble Truth ie:
  • - the truth of the problems,
  • - the truth of the causes of those problem,
  • - the truth of those causes have its end, and
  • - the truth of methods using to end those causes
This Noble Truth has exactly interlinked with one another, and the extending explanation of this Noble Truth is the Law of Original Interdependence or Padicca-Samuppada.

Repeatedly, Buddha articulated the responsibility of individuals in caring oneself and caring others. By nature, people have shared this common caring with one another by family line, associations or duties.

Dhamma literally means "responsibility". Buddha explained that whenever each of us take responsible for what we are assigned for or doing for, the people and society will be peaceful and experiencing justice. It is joyful to see a mother take care her son with responsibility; it is joyful to see a policeman patrolling the zone he is assigned to prevent crimes with responsibility; it is joyful to see a judge fairly hands a verdict to the accused with responsibility; and it is joyful to see Water Festival organizers be more rigid and responsible for what was happening on Koh Pich etc. In the law of Kamma stresses on both individual actions and associative responsible persons.

Cambodian people and their society have deeply been embedded by the culture of impunity, and this impunity has distorted their self-esteem and confidence. It has also prolonged their trauma or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" to a long term unhealable syndromes.

Below is the collection of some video clips of the Koh Pich tragedy for our CONDOLENCE and REMEMBRANCE

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