Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Winter Adventure

       By Phallika                        My Winter Adventure                                       Dec .2018

                    One blustery , cold winter day, i woke up to find the word blanketed in fresh snow!
I run to my window and I saw my sisters' playing in the snow. I went to my closet to get my scarf,mittens and my snow clothing. When I was done I went outside and my friend's were there I was happy because I knew what was going on , oh and

I'll tell you right now . So my friend's and I  are going somewhere .We are going to a place that i don't know and it starts with a A ya a A and we went with car.When we were there I was  runing because we were there but something bad happened. The snow went crazy and we went inside.When we were inside we drink hot coco it was yummy. THE END

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