Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weekly reflection on Friday 11 January 2019

Friday January 11                  Weekly Reflection                             By Phallika  Pich Seng
Picture taken in 2016
Picture taken in 2017
  1. Completed our addition and subtraction review called, '' Show What You Know '' in our text books , then had a small quiz to show what we understand .
  2. Completed an All the Facts   and Which One Doesn't Belong to warm up our math brains after the break !
  3. Played math games to help us increase our fact fluency.
  4. We continued doing Literacy routines of Word Work , Journals, and Literacy Centers activities.
  5. Practiced our public speaking skills as we did a round of Show And Tell.
  6. Wrote,'' My Holidays, Fact OR  Fiction?'' which we read out and had the class guess if what we wrote was true or fake. It was a lot of fun and and the writing  was amazing.
  7. Read the Mysteries of Cancelled Light Show, where we learned about Niagara Falls and looked for clues in the text to solve the mystery of who cut the power.
  8. Voted to read Magic Tree House, Buffaloes Before Breakfast as read aloud instead of Lit Circles for a change up. We are looking for clues as we read and practicing our good reading strategies (visualizing, questioning, connecting, inferring, practicing, summarizing). This book also ties into our Socials learning about First Nations cultures.
  9. Practiced reading a picture book with fluency and expression and read it to our little buddies. We also showed them our biodiversity books we made.
  10. Played games in Gym and participated in the school-wide Fitness Friday as well as our own Fitness stations.
  11. Has a school-wide assembly with a theme of goal setting.
  12. Read about hidden sugar in beverages and learned about the benefits of water to keep our bodies healthy.
  13. Made New Year's Resolutions and created a display on our bulletin board.
  14. Introduced Genius Hour and chose our driving questions that we want to answer. All students should have brought this home for parents tos sign off on.
  15. We began exploring our new science learning for this term, "All matter is made of chemical reactions, friction, convection, conduction, radiation, conductors, insulators). 
  16. We brainstormed what we already know, question we have, then watched a video and wrote what we learned from that. We performed a small experiment using thermometers to measure temperatures of hot, room temperature, and cold water to practice the scientific method. We started reading and learning with a mini-book about thermal Energy and Heat.

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